Open General
by Luis Guzman


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Media files

Open General use mp3 for music and sound effects.

Only official intro music made by Henry Case is included in installer-

Any additional you want, must be download manually and extracted in main game SOUND subdirectory

PG2 music bplay,gplay, rplay, usplay) converted to mp3 is available at: Media files to extract in main game SOUND subdirectoryto SOUND folder

Open General doesn't support Smack files, it uses AVI files instead, and requires Video codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC , so if you have not installed yet, can download from: (it is free) and install. Only the new intro video by Drad Dasan (OpenIntro.avi) is included in installer, thus any additional video you might search and download or convert from existing smacks to avi's yourself. Place them in the main game SMACK folder.

Sounds effects

Some actions, either user or game can play a sound if game finds the proper mp3 file.
Game can also play wav files, but wav files fails sometimes so it is better to use mp3.
Game sounds effects are searched on SOUND folder, while Units sound effects are searched on SFX folder

Game effects (must be located on SOUND folder)

  • Mouse/keyboard "click" (Click.mp3/wav)
  • Flag captured (Capture.mp3/wav)
  • Victory Hex captured (CaptureVH.mp3/wav) - if not found. normal flag captured will be played
  • Leader raised
  • (RaiseLeader.mp3/wav)
  • Rain and Snow weather conditions.
    Two different sounds for rain can be played: Rain and Rain2 (mp3/wav). If game finds only Rain file, it will be repeated.
    For Snow condition Winter.mp3/wav will be played if found
  • End turn (EndTurn.mp3/wav)

 Units effects are defined on Equipment File and mp3 files should be located on SFX folder.


Same than sounds effects music is better played when files are mp3. Wav files can also be played, but sometimes fail due to missing codecs, so mp3 format is more advisable.

Default music can be defined by entering Settings/Media Settings and picking up to 2 mp3 files. I said default, as this is the music to be played when no scenario is loaded (menu music), or when no Equipment File's custom music is found.

As soon as you start any scenario, either standalone or within a campaign, game checks if there is any specific music defined for that scenario and if any and it can be found then that music is played. But if scenario doesn't define any music, then Equipment File music is searched.

  • Equipment File music should fit a structured file name system to allow find the files, based on main country number of first player not being computer.
    Lets say it is Germany, country# 8, then these files are searched:
    * Music8_a.mp3/wav and Music8_b.mp3/wav

    For any other country# it would be
    * Music#_a and Music#_b (mp3/wav)
  • But you don't need to define music for every country. When any country file is not found then a generic equipment file music:
    * Music0_a and Music0_b(mp3/wav)
    are used, if found.
  • If Music0 is not found neither, then standard files are searched if main country is 8,10,20 or 23:
    * gplay/usplay/rplay/bplay (mp3/wav) (check available package on top of page)
  • All music is first searched into  EFolder's SOUND subfolder, and if not found into main game SOUND subfolder.
    So you don't need to define music for ALL equipment files, just put default music files (Music0-*) on main SOUND folder and any equipment file will play that music.

In case none of the above files were found, then those default files defined on Media Settings will be played


Video clips are featured as AVI files, but no need to change anything on existing campaigns, Open General will extract filename only and will append .AVi to search for video clips. But if you want to play any smack made for PG2, you need to convert to .avi

Default intro video is OpenIntro.avi made by Drag Dasan, available from top of page, but filename to use can be changed as you prefer trough Media Settings. You can have different intro videos for each equipment file, but they should use same filename as defined on Media Settings.

Videos should be placed into SMACK folder, main game SMACK folder will be use as default, but any equipment file's SMACK folder will be used when that equipment file becomes the active equipment file.
And if you get tired of videos, you don't need to rename or remove, just disable to show on Settings window - Media Settings.

Converting existing .smk files to .avi is fairly easy if you follow this simple instructions:

  1. Get last Rad Video Tools from: and install on your computer (it is free)
  2. Get ffdshow from: and install ffdsshow set of codecs (it is free also)
  3. Run RadVideoTools
  4. Select PG2 SMAK folder
  5. Select any smk file to convert and press "convert File"
  6. On new window,left output filename to be the same then existing smk, so you don't need to edit anything on campaign
  7. Click "Convert" button and on next window drop the codec selector to pick Xvid