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Special attributes are surely the most appreciate caracteristic of units in any equipment. They are also commonly named as "Abilities". Special attributes can modify slightly or completely the importance of a unit giving/removing important characteristics to units.

Here it is the list of available "special attributes" (or "abilities") included in OpenGeneral.

Attribute How it works
Lasting Sup toggle Lasting suppression reverse: disable for TAC BOMBER and enable for rest
Can Blow Can blow up stuff. Must be positioned in the hex to blow
Ignore trench Unit ignores enemy entrenchments when firing (Engineer)
Bridge Unit is Bridge on Rivers
Can't Soft Atk Unit cannot initiate combat against soft target enemies
Can't Hard Atk Unit cannot initiate combat against hard target enemies
Can't Air Atk Unit cannot initiate combat against air target enemies
Can't Buy Unit cannot be purchased by player
No Leader Unit cannot get a leader
All Weather Air/Gnd units can fire to Gnd/Air enemies despite bad weather
Drop mines Unit can drop mines. Must be located in the hex the minefield is to be created
Clear mines Unit can attempt to remove mines. Must be located in the minefield hex
AirDropMines Air units can drop land mines if they have also: "Drop mines" special. Must be located in the hex to drop the mine
No AI buy AI cannot purchase this unit
Mountain Unit will use Mountain (leg) movement method, regardless the one assigned
Recon Skill toggle Phased movement reverse: disable phased movement for recon class units and enables for any other class (even if mounted). Units using phased movement can take actions as far as some movement is remaining, thus Flak/AD class units could still fire air units after moving if keeping at east one remaining movement.
Dismount toggle Reverse Dismount if attacked role. When checked for Infantry unit, it won't dismount when attacked; for rest of units, it will dismount if attacked. When unchecked: default behavior
Support Fire toggle Reverse Fire Support role. When checked for ATY unit it won't give Fire Support; for rest of units it will give it. When unchecked: default behavior.
Air Support Ground and naval units can supply air units acting like dirt-airfields (it works same than carriers).
Air Transportable Units with this special can embark ground transport in air transport, so it won't be lost when embarking.
Note. PG2 required to have this special in both unit and transport, but OG only requires the main unit to have it
CAN Air Attack Ground and naval units can attack air units, as far as unit did not move.
Overrun toggle Reverse Overrun toggle. If checked: disable overrun for tanks and enables for rest of self propelled units. Un-checked: default behavior
No Intercept Air Cannot intercept units, for AD/Flaks/Fighters disable interception while movement (but not air defense)
NoNeedStation Can embark/disembark from trains on any railroad, no need for Station
Counter Battery Unit can fire once per turn to enemy artillery firing friend units
Saboteur Unit can saboteour enemies. When successfully sabotaged. -2 attack/defend current turn plus move/attack actions disabled next turn.
Combat Support Works in the same way as the Combat support Leader. Units lend its experience bars to adjacent frind units
No Prototype Units with this option, are never assigned as prototypes.
Can't Naval Attack Unit cannot initiate naval attacks
Carrier Deploy Air units with this option can be deployed on carriers and dirt-airfields.
Capture Flag Allow unit to capture flags. (Only Infantry, Tank, Recon or Anti-tank class units or ground units with Liberator leader, can capture flags by default.)
Mechanized Flaks, Artillery and AirDefense can move and fire. Same than "Mechanized Veteran" leader
Marine Unit can move after disembarking from non-organic transport
No Surrender Units never surrender if cannot retreat, half of suppression goes to kills.
No Ammo Penalty Unit won't suffer combat penalties half strenght, half initiative, reduced attack and defense values, due to lack of ammo.
Partizan Unit is not stopped by adjacent enemies. Same than "Battlefield Intelligence" leader
Exploit Success Unit can move after attacking (remaining movement points), if enemy is killed or retreated.
Anti Sub(ASW) Reverse attack submarine toggle. For Tac Bombers/Destroyers, unit cannot attack subs; for other unit, it can attack subs.
Jet (stealth) Planes with this special can only be intercepted by ground unit having also this special.
Build/Repair Unit can build and repair (if scenario enables that)
D.AfterMove Unit dismount from organic transport after moving
NoDirt AP Unit can't use dirt airfields
Rocket Bomber Unit can attack ground units within range of fire using any hex types
Cut LOS Unit cut LOS (line of sight) to enemy and friend units
Allow LOF Unit doesn't cut enemy LOF (line of fire)
Evade Unit will try to evade combat (like submarines)
Torpedo bomber Unit can attack neighbor units if both are located on sea
AD Support Unit provide AD support to adjacent units like AD class when attacked from air. Enables also interception of planes while moving.
SingleFireSup Unit can give fire support only once per turn.
Kamikaze Unit will attack very aggressively, being destroyed after combat or if it runs out ammo.