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3 Apr 2023

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This site is mostly focused in Open General game development, but includes also tools for
SSI Panzer General II and Peoples General

This website does not collect any personal data neither use cookies.
All the tools are licensed as "freeware", so they are free for personal use only, and cannot be edited, renamed or hosted without my written permission.
You can use them to edit files used by the games, as far as you respect the "terms of use"/license established by the owners of the different files
Date Version Open General packages
2022, July 16  Open General official release. Can download from Open General Website
2019, April 14  Open General using DirectDraw. Check change-log page for details and download.  This version does not use SDL2 and will be updated only to fix  bugs. 
Date Version Open General Tools
2023, Feb 28   Can download and see change-log from OpenSuite page
2017, April 16 3.51,2  Can be used for PG2 too. Can download and see change-log from IconsTools page
Date Version People General Tools
2012, January 6 4.19   PeG Suite Ultimate tool to edit files for Peoples General
2007, October 26 1.4   PeG DatTool Tool to edit icons for Oeople General modgen.dat
2008, February 19 2.01c   Peg MapTool Full screen Map editor for Opeople general maps
2004, July 22 1.21   Shp to S16 converter Tool to convert maps made for PG2 (.shp) to be used by PeG (.s16)
Date Version Panzer General Tools
2013, September 6 4.294   Suite PG2 4.294 Suite of tools to design stuff for PG2. Cannot be used to edit Open General files
2008, August 25 2,20   David Bird's Excel Editor 2.20 Excelent David Bird Excel 97 editor updated to last PG2 patch 2.20
2005, December 9 1.0   All PG2 files specifications Compiled document including all the known specs for the different PG2 files.
2005, December 9 1997   PG2 User Manual Original PG2's manual UK release as PDF file.
2006, December 3 2.20   Patch 2.20 Tech Document PDF tech document made by 008 updated to patch 2.20 additions.


OPEN GENERAL and PANZER GENERAL II * PBEM (play by e-mail) *
Die Panzerliga  Online and PBEM League site, can use Geramn or English
Kampanie Open General  Polish OpenGeneral site, home of Gustlik equipment stuff. Can use Polish or English
BuildersParadise in tapatalk For nostalgic people ... although it was the starting point of everything else.
Campaigns from old Steve's
PG2'a campaigns page
Kowdar set up a new web to hold all campaigns from Steve's PG2's Clearinghouse site which is down definitively.
lvjtn's mod page for Open General Csaba web site, home of Spring Of Nations (SON) EFile.
The MG Bunker Home of COMWW2, OPENPG and OPENPEG equipments
AdlerKorp Can find here the latest PG2 patch, the lates panzer2.dat and the flag & dossier switcher tool
OpenGen subforum at Rayydar's PG3D site Forum for German-speaking players and designers, moderated by Parabellum added as a new subforum in Rayydar's PG3D (the German name of PG2) forum
Robert Mary's site This is a site mainly focused for WW2 on Peoples General engine, but you can find here many interesting stuff and links.
Michas's site This site mainly focused for Peoples General engine, including mods for WW1 and WW2
5 Stars Narayan's Site This is also a very interesting site to find PG2, Peoples General, PacGen and much more stuff..
Herr General Dick Cremer site host many tools for PG2, but you can also find some for Panzer General, Allied General, Pacific General and even for Peoples General. Most of the old tools can be found here if you don't like fileplanet conditions. Last updated: April-2005


To those wonderful boys from SSI who made these games, they did a great job indeed.
To all people who have  been improving the game for years, making  patches, tools, maps, scenarios and campaigns,
they have done a really splendid work keeping  these games
And to all those guys who has made a donation to support my work.
I can't include all of them, so I'll mention only the top ones:
  • Edward Rutherford
  • Csaba zsadanyi-nagy
  • Jurgen Smet
  • Pablo Caniamares
  • Brian Gosley
  • David Keprt
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • Ulrich Gerhard
  • Matthew Shepheard
  • Laurent Mennier
  • Matt Lind
  • Richard Lenar
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Joseph Regan
  • Craig Miller
  • Farid Emam
  • Dirk Paulu�en
  • Michael Leal
  • Marcos Martin
  • Carlos Garijo
  • Christian Lang
  • Vincent Froment
  • Yvon Yamniuk
  • Brett Johnson
  • Cristian Nitulescu
  • Hugo Garcia Prieto
  • Jose L.Mendez Otero
  • Guillermo Bores S�nchez
  • Dirk Oberlin
  • Daniel Delmerico
  • Steffen Allhoff
  • Timothy Hart
  • Alexandre Karadimas
  • David Osborne
  • Jeff Savage
  • Alexandre Mabire
  • Jonas Baumann
  • Kamila Batorova
  • Michael Dows
  • Michael Ernst
  • Michele Beccari
  • Sherman Crites
  • Jukka ratala
  • Jan Nawrot
  • Goran Mudrovcic
  • Jaroslav Husek
  • Louis de Nijs
  • Goran Mudrovcic
  • Alan Pilling
  • Valeriy Nasyrov
  • Zhengliang Gu
  • Antonio Velayos
  • Tibor Rcz
  • Adolfo Guadiana
  • Vladimir Yaskin
  • Richard Gill
  • ..