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We could define "Equipment" as the set of files that define the units, campaigns and scenarios designed for those units, as well as the graphical interface for its representation in the game.

Equipments (aka: Efile) thus include files for:

  • The units properties (icon, unit name, type, movement, and stats)
  • The interface (flags, map markers, leadrs portraits, ...)
  • The text files to define custom game rules
  • The Campaigns and scenarios files made for the equipment.

Equipments are located in specific folders (aka: EFolder) identified as having the SCENARIO sub-folder, the equipment file (Equip.xeqp or Equip97.eqp for PG2 stuff) and the nations definitions (Nations.txt).

Files required by game are always searched first in the specific EFolder/sub-folders, and then in main game folder/sub-folders. There is always one Equipment selected (active) in game, which is shown in main start window.

These are the sub-folders structure that can be set up in any EFolder

SCENARIO Required All campaigns and scenarios made for the EFile should be put here
USERSCEN Optional Can hold standalone scenarios if you prefer to keep them on different folders, but not needed as game can find in SCENARIO as well.
SAVE Game will create All savegames you do (manual or auto) will be placed here.
MAP Optional To put specicf maps required for some scenarios (mostly used for development) Most Efiles dont need to use this, and look maps in Main MAP folder
OPENGUI Advised This is the place to have a different UI appearance for this Equipment File. Rest of files needed will be taken from Main OPENGUI folder
OPENDAT Adviced Required to put nation's related graphics, like like flags, start screen, medals, dossier, portraits, ... Only EFiles using same nations than PG2 can skip this folder. Rest of common files will be taken from Main OPEDAT folder. to include any
SOUND Optional The place to put custom music, not available or different than the music included in Main SOUND folder. Most game effects are valid for any EFile
SFX Optional The place to put units sound effects, when different than the standar included in Main SFX folder.
SMACK Optional The place to put videos defined in Campaigns/Scenarios. No needed if no custom videos required.
OPENLOG Game will create Will include all .log files the game will create,like: ai_turn.txt, debug, and .XLOG files.
README Optional Can include designers documents, as text, rtf or pdf
TEXT-?? Optional Can be several sub-folders like this, if designer provided alternative texts for different languages. ?? being the ISO code of the country.

Installer creates same folders in Main game folder (except TEXT-ISO folders) and populate with default files, so any file required and not found in the active EFolder can be loaded from Main folder. When installing Open General over an existing installation og PG2, then the Main folder becomes also an EFolder for the PG2 equipment (Equip97.eqp)

Changing active equipment

When player wants to pick any file to play (campaign, Scnario or Savegame), from main menu, he will only see the files within the EFolder's sub-folders.

You can always change the active EFile, by selecting a different one by clicking the top-left icon in main menu.

When picking a file to play from the Settings Recent file-list, the EFile will be changed automatically if needed, and same when picking a file from the All-campaigns dialog.

At anytime the EFile is changed, all the files in memory are discarded and reloaded according the new active EFile.

Equipment files

Only these files/folders are strictly required to define an EFile:

  • The Equipment roster: Equip.xeqp and Equip.txt
  • The nations/sides text file: Nations.txt
  • The SCENARIO sub-folder (even empty)

Rest of files and sub-folders are not strictly needed, although some of them are highly recommended:

  • Files in EFolder (see also: See Config files)
    EFILE.XML This file show EFile information when browsing to select/activate a new Efile.
    COLORS.txt This file allows to change the colors used for UI. Not neded if you like default colors.
    NAMES.txt This file has the names you will see in game for generals and leaders.
    TERRAINEX.txt This file allows to configure different terrain settings afecting movement and combat.
    STRINGS_EFILE.txt This file includes customizez strings for EFile, like Targets, Results, Movements, Unit classes,...
    WEATHER.txt This file include customized data for climate zones
    OpenGen.xfmt This file include customized font to use for the Efile
    EQUIP.txt2 This file include alternative denominations (usually in original language) for units in EFile
    EYEAR.txt This file defines a diferent base-year (default is 1900) for the Efile.
    FRONTs.txt This file include labels for Fronts and Factions. It is not used by game

  • Files in EFolder\OPENDAT (also defaults in Main OPENDAT)
    PNG files having the flags for the countries defined. Every Efile should include these files
    PNG files having the Campaign Dossier interface
    INSPECT_MEDAL / INSPECT_PORTRAIT PNG files including portraits of leaders. INSPECT_MEDAL is not used if INSPECT_PORTRAIT is present
    START_* PNG file used for main start window when the Efile is active. File name can be any. as far as it start with "START_"
    ROUNDEL PNG file used to signal units having a leader in map

    Weather effects ... Usually only in Main OPENDAT folder
    PNG files for Rain/Snow animated effects in map.

  • Files in EFolder\OPENGUI (also defaults in Main OPENGUI)

    Cursors ... Usually only in Main OPENGUI folder
    CUR_AIR/CUR_SEA/CUR_TRAIN/CUR_HELO .CUR files used to embark unit in ATP/NTP/RTP/HTP
    CUR_DEPLOY/CUR_ARROW/CUR_RED/CUR_BARR/CUR_CBT .CUR files used to Deploy, point/select, Not Alloed, BarrageFire and Combat or Bombard
    CUR_MOUNT_GOLD/CUR_MOUNT_GREY .CUR files used to signal than unit will mount if moving to the hex pointed

    Dialogs ...
    dlg_CARRIER/dlg_UNIT/dlg_INSPECT/dlg_POOL_TRA .PNG files used to pop up dialogs showing unit details
    dlg_EMAIN/dlg_ETRA .PNG files used to show unit/transport stats in purchase/upgrade windows
    dlg_EMPTY/dlg_NEW .PNG files used as background for other dialogs
    dlg_FLAG .PNG file used to select country in HQ/Purchase/Upgrade windows
    Box_88x48/Box_116x55/Attachments .PNG files used to draw into other dialogs/windows
    .PNG files used to draw menus in dialogs/windows

    Menus ...
    Menu_main/Menu_map/Menu_deploy/Menu_build/Menu_missions/JPs_logo .PNG files used to show menus

    Misc info ...
    Climate/Buttons_dlgs/Buttons18 .PNG files used to show info in odialogs/windows or in Map
    Mouse_nums/UnitBridge/UnitClass/UnitLeader .PNG files used to show info on map
    UnitMoves and UnitTargets
    or UnitIcons
    .PNG files used to show targets and movement methods. UnitIcons is deprecated, but it can be loaded yet.
    Explosions/Fire_air/Fire_gnd .PNG files used to animate explosions and units fire
    Hex_grids/Hex_text/Hex_marks/Hex_outlines/Hex_blend .PNG files used to show markers/terrain help on map
    Hex_rails/Hex_roads .PNG files used to show road/rails marks on map
    Hex_tiles/Hex_tiles_sides/Hex_layers/Hex_tiledecors*/Hex_shores/Hex_shore_rr .PNG files used to set up tiled maps
PG2 format files

When loading PG2 equipment/games, OpenGeneral reads PG2 standar files: Equip97.eqp,Equip97.txt,Gui97.txt,Misc.txt, and .cam/.scn/ .sav/.csv (no .eml though) and converts internally to standard OpenGeneral formats. When converting scenarios/savegames, the file Fronts.txt is checked and if not found, the scenario is set to "Pg2Mode" (Pg2 compatibility mode), disabling any new feature.
Fronts.txt file is not actually loaded and it is really not needed to play, it is only used to know if old formats come from PG2 of former releases of OpenGeneral